“SIDE SHOW” Published in Beauty Mark Magazine

BMmag i4.jpg “SIDE SHOW” is an extensive project on many levels. It was originally brought to the table by Mandy Steward, looking to compete as a salon team in the yearly Contessas.

Character design and prep became a regular reason for meet up as Mandy & ziicka joined forces. Each hair piece took an average of TEN HOURS to build – using wire, dye, extensions, and a million other things to create each character’s feature. Most models sat while wig sculptures were sewn into their hair; while the mime is the only character to use only natural hair. (Mandy spent 9 hours bleaching and dying ziicka’s hair, before wrapping it in a wet set to sleep in over night.)

Over all – it is quite impressive what work went into creating just 6 images.

Find the finished series inside issue 4 of Beauty Mark Magazine.
Order your copy: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1015324

SIDE SHOW, a hair editorial by GlassCity Collective

Mandy Steward of Colourbox Hairdressing: Creative Direction, Wardrobe, Hair Sculpting, Cuts, & Colour

Ziicka, the Wild Rose: Creative Direction, Wardrobe, Hair Sculpting, & Makeup

Corby Martin Photography: Photography

Chelsey Bigland: Graphics

The Master: Vesper Sephony, jacket by Suzie 666
The Fool: ziicka
The Twins: Madaline Masquarade & Mandy Steward
The Charmer: Riannaconda
The Illustrated Lady: Dallas Valentine

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